Established in 1968, our company specializes in total solution of bean products. It has over 40 years of experience in manufacture and factory planning design that help clients enhance productivity.
Our total solution soybean equipments include: include automatic soybean milk equipments, soak beans, grind, boil, filter soy bean skin (soy pulp) milk bean. The other byproducts include: glucono- lactone (GDL) tofu Silken Tofu, traditional tofu automatic production machinery)
There are also box sealers that come in all sizes (1200 boxes/hr, 2000 boxes/hr, 3000 boxes/hr, and 4000 boxes/hr), setters of all sizes, automatic sterilizing and cooling machine, conveyors, scraper, dried tofu press, spiral tofu press, shredder, fried tofu diesel fryer, tofu wrap, tofu and dried bean curd skin production line, tofu soy bean skin ... more
Fully automatic/ semi-automatic manufactured equipment for soybean mike fully automatic air compression shaping machine fully automatic beam curd shaping equipment aull automatic soildify machine fullautomatic dried beam curd soildify machine auto filter separate type bean grinding & dregs stripping machine grinding machines series 磨豆機 切豆干丁機 bean curd & soybean milk equipment for small store other
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